Successful Habits Winners and Entrepreneurs Have

Successful Habits Winners and Entrepreneurs Have are one of the most important habits and practices you must pursue on a daily basis, to succeed.

By integrating these lifestyle tips, practices and advices you can increase your overall likelihood of getting stuff done.

Having taken the journey of a thousand miles, I had to learn a lot about my own habits and the behaviors of other people, around me.

I had to give up all kinds of emotions, addictions, and behaviors that did not serve me and drove me deeper into the hole of averageness.

How do you live and act like a Winner?

There are many guides and audiobooks, e-books, all sorts of things that attempt to give you the magical answer to developing entrepeneur’s life.

The Truth is that, the one simple rule and formula that all successfull people and winners have is available to you and everyone else.

It is right here and I am going to tell you what it is:

The ability to not sabotage yourself through self-control and the ability to uplift yourself through self-control

– Meritorious Luminous

You see, how every self-improvement coach and self-help guide tells you about how important it is to have self-control and discipline?

They try to explain it through the use of complicated formulas and reasonings, but they will not tell you it in a short sentence:

“Cut out the bulls**t.”

Winners do control themselves.

Let’s say, someone called you in a bad word or even showed a bad gesture towards you.

Naturally the first reaction that humans have, especially when they are already irritated is to argue back or get a rush of rage hormones.

However, there is one more powerful way to react to low-energy critics and sh*t-talkers:

Spend less time and energy reacting to them, than they did to say that word to you

– Meritorious Luminous

This is the proper return’s principle.

You know what every celebrity, billionare, emperor and controversional, famous and infamous individual has in common?

They are receiving more attention, more energy and more time from rest of the world than they are giving back.

And they only do what directly serves them, I can say that they are “selfish” – but that is not neccessarily a negative word.

Being selfish actually means valuing your time, attention, energy and respecting yourself.

To be selfish is to get rid of everything that does not really pay back for you and reward you later.

Give back less than you receive

Give back less than you receive, the most successful habits that Winners and Entrepreneurs have are ones that give back more than they spend.

And giving back less than you receive does not mean, not giving back or supporting and providing your friends, family or supporters.

It means caring for yourself, the people that are dependant on your entrepreneurship, employement and existance by doing what them & you.

All leaders, emperors, and entrepreneurs have self-control and discipline, that helps them avoid the most degenerating actions that exist in this world.

Daily challenges and routines that Winners and Kings Have

“Is it that simple? But what exactly are these successful habits Winners and Entrepeneurs have?”

Habits that strengthen, not deteriorate The Mind, The Body and The Spirit

The Mind is the first place where all diseases, successes, fears and confidences start.

When The Mind is alright, then The Body is alright as well. And when The Body is healthy then The Mind heals as well.

The Truth is that very often an individual is healthy in The Mind or in The Body, but either their mental health goes down or their physical health.

And then what happens is that dis-synchronity starts to manifest in circles – once The Mind makes damaging thoughts, it creates physical stress.

Then the physical stress creates further mental stress and the mental stress elevates further physical symptoms.

It is very important to always take strong care of THEM BOTH.

Successful Habits Winners and Entrepeneurs have that enhance The Mind

Want to hear these secrets? Sure you do want to hear them, because I will tell you what keeps mediocre people down.

Self-worthless mindset = problematic.

The biggest problem that prevents EVERYONE seeking self-improvement and change in life, is that they do not respect their potentional self.

There is the current self (that is not your real self though) and then there is the potential self that has been used in the past.

Even if you are aware of your true potential – you still have ONE BIG Problem!

You cannot accept and do not fully believe you deserve and can have millions of wealth, health and victories.

Every time when you have even the slightest thought of it being wrong to be rich, it being wrong to live your own dream life, you already sabotage it.

Deep inside your mind and soul there is a part of you that either based on your own insecurities or other people’s judgements, believes you’re bad.

That you cannot be something bigger, someone greater and more magnificent.

But that is not really the truth and it is up to you to CHANGE what you believe you deserve.

Not doing what works based on Trial & Error for you = sabotaging.

The Trial and Error method is what determines the best what the tips and non-tips and the future plans for you should be.

There is noone else in this world that can tell you what works the best for you, than you yourself.

Although I can tell you that you can tell what works better for yourself, I cannot tell you exactly everything about you.

That is the The Principle of The Truth about your individual growth.

Make sure to find what works the best for you.

Understanding when people are giving serious, constructive criticism and when hating.

Criticism is a very good thing, that can turn you from a clueless, average Joe worker into a proffesionally qualified worker,

From an average, not-so-big entrepeneur, to high-selling and revenue generating Entrepeneur.

Into an advanced gym-goer, semi-athlete and football player after being a mediocre sport doer for many years.

All the crafts can be enhanced with the use of PROPER and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, that type of criticism that just “tells you exactly what felt wrong”.

You know that kind of “on spot” hit, when you are doing something, learning and attempting and the advice is just on the spot.

When all these hours and weeks of frustation and cluelessness finally are solved by a new practice, that someone advises to you.

That is the proper, constructive type of criticism and the more of it is spread around the world, the better everyone feels.

Meanwhile there are people that are criticizing your persona and work in general, rather than a specific aspect that needs to be improved.

You call them The Opposition or the haters or maybe even the enemies, depending on the severity of their counter-actions.

The sad thing is that, because they do not dislike a specific aspect of your work, but rather the whole ideology and purpose of your lifestyle –

There is no compromise or solution for such people.

And what you do is that you ignore them and continue fulfilling your desired plan, it all ties up together at the end.

Not trying to please the whole world and always getting perfectionistic responses from everyone, yourself and your works.

While a perfect quality of mental health, physical health and your proffesional career is a thing that is just so good, it doesn’t always do so.

There are many times when you either get stuck at getting your act together or some of your old, anxious thought patterns return and develop chronic.

And these are a sort of gratitude remindrs, you should always remember how frustating and hard life can be, when it goes out of the control.

At the times when stuff is perfect, let it be so, make sure to preserve such condition and live and enjoy it, but remember how it can be that bad.

When you are questioning one of your positive habits, ask yourself – what was the suffering, mental burden and pain that made me start it at first?

You always have an advanced reason and bigger plan behind the habit and habits you started at first place.

There is a more seasoned, well-made and easy-to-remember reason behind all that and if you break the habit you will feel bad again.

You are a lucky person if you have already maintained and upgraded your life this far, there are millions of people still stuck in Cycle of Pleasures.

Whenever you feel like things could be better, give gratitude to the wellbeing that you currently have and continue moving forward.

Because at many cases even the slightest and seemingly unimportant things can keep you down for many days, lowering your quality of life.

Instead of associating with them, make sure to understand three things:

  • From where the condition initially came from, developed from?
  • What currently upsets, makes you unsatisfied or anxious about it?
  • Actions I can take and habits I can change to prevent it for the future?

Use these three points, preferably in the form of journaling to analyze the thought patterns and understand where they INITIALLY CAME FROM.

Because you have to understand that, not always and not for everyone, but in some cases after fixing everything in your life, a new problem can arise.

Even though it can be a theoretical, not a realistic scenario for you, it can make trouble if it does happen.

Therefore you must do everything to prevent it from happening and at the same time understand that even you, yourself might mess up your life.

Doing hard work when you feel down, unsatisfied or find it pointless.

Scientifically proven it is, that if you are already happy, content and in beast mode with your current work and lifestyle, it will turn out better.

But that is not always a condition, as I said, there will be times when everything seems pointless, weird and unsatisfactory.

During these tough times, you must pick up whatever you were doing, even if you feel empty inside and then you have to finish the act.

Even if you will not feel that joy you initially expected to feel, when you were quite content with your life, you would get it done at least.

Therefore go and hustle for yourself and for your mission and get all the things done.

Remember to not be overtly perfectionistic though with yourself and the world, as even the “perfect” people always have opposition and haters.

It is impossible to play on the strings in such a way that no single person in the world feels opposed to you.

Enjoying your work and believing in your mission

Another successfull mental, mind habit that Entrepeneurs and Winners have is that they are able to enjoy and showcase their work, when needed.

Some people are truly content and live for their mission and purpose, however many simply do things, without them being their mission.

Therefore, an Entrepeneur, a Winner and a Leader who truly does it because of his own faith in the action, always enjoys what he creates.

He never talks about it as if it was nothing or brushes it off as something that is “Meh” – although, they can be stoitical about it, they secretly love it.

Therefore as a Winner, as an Entrepeneur you must have this supreme love for your purpose and creations, whether hidden or public – up to you.

Winners and Entrepreneurs do not stop at the first attempt when the reality misaligns with The Vision.

Humans, as highly advanced and intelligently sentient beings have this amazing skill to visualize things before they practically exist.

And for Entrepeneurs, such skill is developed to a level of obsession. An Entrepeneur can stagnate, fall back or hit a plateau temporarily –

But after that attempt, he will do another one, then another one, then he will do another one until he will craft something desirable.

He might have had a bad day, undesired outcome or not so productively spent time, but after resolving the inner conflict, he’ll be obsessed again.

There is no time to wait, no opportunity to waste and no idea to not try to create untill it becomes physically present, rather than only in his mind.

An Entrepeneur and Winner would go into isolation for 1 year, in his own project place if that was the hidden key to solving whatever limits him.

He would not care if someone got insulted or had to be rejected, when they refused to see their vision in the same way as they do –

Because The Entrepreneur and The Winner already see how it connects up all together at the end, he only needs practical action and he seeks it.

And The Entrepreneurs, The Leaders, The Winners and The Emperors have full awareness of theoretical and practical processes in The World –

That is what gives this unique ability to have such level of deep confidence in their work and visions, to Entrepeneurs and Winners.

They know how exactly things will connect together when they will get fullfiled as they see them in their vision first.

And it is only a matter of time and matter of investment and dedication before it happens.

As an Entrepeneur you do not let your family, friends or anyone else or any kind of event, action or condition to stop you pernamently.

You might have temporarily blockages, but not pernament – once the temporarily blockade is resolved, you continue marching forward.

And there is no negotiation in your supreme mission and principle, you know what it will look like and you go for it.

Successful habits that Winners and Entrepreneurs have that enhance The Body

The Mind when pure is not fully pure and developed if The Body is sick, diseased and malnourished.

The Body for an Entrepeneur, for a Winner and an Emperor has to be in its perfect physical condition, because when it is so The Mind also heals.

And that means if you want to heal The Mind, you must heal The Body.

Because by doing that you are healthy internally and there is no worry.

Alcohol, non-biohacking/mind enhancing Drugs, all substance dependances, tobacco, and other stimulants are a No No.

Even though there are substances and drugs that are called “smart-drugs” which enhance the mental capability of human brain.

There are many worse substances that do not contribute any other form of benefits than a source of pleasure, that lasts as long as used only.

And for a productive, motivated, determined and disciplined person with aspiring goals and ambitions, there is no compromise in that.

You have lived without all these substances during your first years of life and possibly for longer, you never really needed them.

It is only now, that once you have taken the “first bite” of the substance, that you feel like you need to indulge in it again.

Did you know the taste and feeling of alcohol, tobacco and pornography when you had not ever indulged in it?

Of course you did not and you still found pleasure in whatever else was revelant at that time.

You probably found enjoyement in things that showed you the more enlightened aspects of The Life.

Such as The Nature, basic socialization with your friends, enjoyement of your work and crafts.

It started around puberty, when the sabotages of this world took their attempt to influence you during your most vulnerable period of life.

And there is no hope lost, as everyone has the ability to clean theirselves out of these miseries and never-ending cycles of pleasure.

Alcohol makes you vulnerable, sick and degenerate

There is essentialy nothing good in alcohol, the initial “happiness” effect you get from drinking the poison is from death of specific brain cells.

Yes, you feel happy, carefree and relaxed because the cells that involve more advanced states of mind die off.

Even though it might seem like something desirable by somebody with depression or lack of meaning in life, it does not only kill that.

Alcohol also kills parts of your brain that control your overall resilience to all kinds of addictions and that control memory, creativity and intelligence.

Even as a very successful and productive person, if you indulged in alcohol for first time ever, after having made a big fortune, you’d become vulnerable.

But you can always prevent that by understanding that alcohol hijacks your clever thinking capability and makes you exposed to outsider evils.

Maintain the pure mental and physical habits and when everyone will still sleep at the noon and will spend rest of day with a headache –

You would have already got your daily, never-broken sleep routine at the Friday’s night and you continued producing massive amounts of wealth.

While the poison drinkers would try to wake up by indulging in more substances and elixirs, you would be healthy as you always are.

When most could not get to their jobs without having a bad mood, deprived brain accuracy and further nihilistic outbreak, you’d be happy and content.

They would try to assemble everything together and might use the help of other fellow alcoholicans to help them perform better.

But remember, that you are one of the few, that can create massive changes in their life only by relying on their self.

And do not forget, that when it looks like you are the odd one at the present stage of your life, in future, once you escape that place, you’ll be greatest.

Once you confidently and lightly refuse to indulge in whatever leaves you exposed in the public, you are not vulnerable anymore.

Pleasure-only giving drugs, without any bio-cognitive enhancements.

There are many GREAT substances that millionaires use to greatly improve and upgrade their cognitive and biological performance.

Not just millionaires, but Entrepreneurs and high-intelligence requiring work and focus requiring work doing people, use BIOENHANCERS.

The difference between BIOENHANCERS and DRUGS is that BIOENHANCERS promote creativity, intelligence or relaxation.

Meanwhile DRUGS (And I use the broad generalization for a purpose) that are of little bioenhancing or mainly pleasure creating nature –

Are Dopamine Hijackers.

Despite what your views on “moderate” usage of pleasure-only creating addictive substances and behaviors is, you should consider this.

Make an anti-Addictive 30 routine, for one month, during which you will use 0 addictive substances, 0 pleasure giving habits and pure Monk Work.

While it sounds very radical for some people, this is how the greatest Entrepreneurs and content creators have built their empires.

Pure Monk Mode serves as a way of finding pleasure in all other things that are not quick dopamine boost giving habits and mechanisms.

It will change your outlook on The Life and The World and you will find your inner passions and strengths.

Do not be afraid and try it out.

Choose one project or a development you can dedicatedly work on during your “work time” and during the “rest time” integrate healthy behaviors.

Things like going out, sunbathing and exercising with weights in The Gym and socializing or walking in the nature, meditating and Dopamine Fasting.

Monk Mode varies between degrees with the most advanced Monk Mode forms being actions that are done to indirectly or directly create work.

Choose on your own.

Indulging in the dependence and addiction creating substances as a form of stress relief = damaging

Not everyone tolerates stress well, so what they do is they indulge in their common addiction that temporarily relieves it, but is problematic.

Therefore find healthy ways of stress relief, such as natural ingredients (L-Theanine, Magnesium, “smart drugs”) etc.

Do Yoga, Meditate, Eat healthy, create Past, Present and The Future plans for finding out what bothers you and creates anxiety in the first place.

Some constantly use substances and do practices, habits that will need to get resolved in the future.

The worst you can do when things are not easy is to voluntarily make them worse.

– Meritorious Luminous

You might go through a hell on the surface of this planet. The last thing you would do were to create more hell and misery, when you can not do so.

Deciding to accept and analyze your worries, anxieties and fears is what lets you understand “why” they are in the first place, what causes them?

And doing that increases the possibility of you getting rid of the source of them, rather than temporarily minimizing the consequences of such fears.

Continuous input of attempts, practices and smart + hard work

You know what is the most efficient thing to do, without having to adapt all the Monk Mode discipline creating habits?

That thing is – simply choosing a bigger goal, project and sticking with it and fixing what doesn’t work and upgrading it continuously.

The modern culture is so consumeristicly orientated, with a focus on leisure-time, pleasures and little creation of your own great art.

By simply being the 0.1% of population that have above-average level of self-control, discipline and determination, you can already be successful.

Say to me, what do you see around you? When you go out, when you go to your school and university, what is everyone doing?

They are using their World Wide Web equipped electronic devices (smartphones, laptops), consuming information and products.

Constant entertainment use, search for new information, interest in the newest junk food from that new, interesting fastfood chain.

All kinds of habits and behaviors, that are focused on consumption and the obtaining of new pleasures.

Do you think that all these sources of information, pleasure and entertainment were created by them or even built theirselves?

Obviously not, the 0.1% that are interested in building not consuming, are the ones that get the attention and resources forwarded to them.

Remember how I said, that most, if not all The Emperors, Winners, Entrepeneurs, celebrities use that one – basic returns principle?

How that famous guy in your school or that chick magnet gets so much attention? It is simple – they make the attention come to them –

Not vice-versa.

Whenever you want to bring attention, prosperity, fame and people towards you, you need to make them come to you.

Most of people do the oppossite – they act like pursuers, yet want to be the receivers.

That is not possible, if the energy and resource balance does not flow in a surplus towards you, rather than in a deficit, outwards.

Navigate with this rule in The Mind in the areas of your life where you want to stack up something and the people will come.

Having an intuitive, logical and desirable vision.

When you have not taken the first attempt into unknown territory, you continue fantasizing and “what-if”-ing, which is what stops most, usually.

People spend minutes, hours on self-help books, motivational videos, to imagine all these things they are accomplishing, instead to accomplish.

This is called the “negative expectation syndrome” – when you are anxious of trying something out, that you hesitate to give a try and see.

Go and make the first jump, if this resonated with you.

Yeah, you do not need to finish reading the article, if you just got a burst of motitvation to practically start doing your planned activity.

I have given you the basics and I will give more, however, if it is a perfect time now, then go and start doing, I give you The Universal Permission.

This minute, hour and day will not exist in the future timeline in the same way, with the same opportunities as it does at the moment.

Therefore do what you can do today, to make this day the best one of your whole life and see how things freak you out less, when you take action.

To fear less other things, you have to do 1-3 things you fear to start and attempt to accomplish the most, at first.

– Meritorious Luminous

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