Get Real Free Will by Removing External Influences

Get Real Free Will by removing external influences on your possible, maximum capability of self-decided actions.

What you might have felt before is that once something stresses you out or pisses you off, it throws your mind into rollercoaster.

You could have felt like your life is on the right direction and the next moment – something anoyying happens and everything sucks.

Is that a common feeling? If you have experienced this emotional change, then you understand what I am talking about.

Your Actions, Productivity, Mood, Decisions and Outlook aren’t always 100% determined by yourself.

The recent, biggest mission I have taken in my path of Self-Improvement is to get rid of external triggers that limit my full capability.

And there are many of them, some are results of post-traumatic associations with something, although in general I have understood them.

Remember that even as a very intelligent, smart, calm person you can become moody, hateful and unable to focus when your mood changes?

That is because your mood is one of the external influences on your Free Will.

When someone influences you in a desired way, the first thing you have to understand is:

Your perspective on The Situation is not always what The Real Perspective is like.

Personally, when I got scared or annoyed by something, it was a thing I understood to be completely benign in nature, but mood’s already wrapped.

What does that mean?

It means that before reacting, developing a conclusion or initiating an emotional response – ask this simple question:

“Does this affect anything or I can not react to it and things will stay normal?”

That is the best way how you can stop yourself from getting into state of anger, frustation and “general ungratitude”, by thinking rationally.

The upbringing, household and your parents influence on you directly shapes who you currently are.

If I will decide to have children, I will make sure that I will do so only once I have fully trained myself mentally and emotionally and when I am stable.

Financially, mentally, emotionally and knowledge-wise – Once I will be stable and secure in these aspects, I’ll be capable of influencing children.

Otherwise all the parent insecurities, beliefs and mentalities DIRECTLY affect you, me, your friend, the millionaire, the politican.

EVERYONE is affected by who they were taught and trained by during their first, most important developmental years.

Therefore your attention problems, lack of self-worth, “middle-class” mentality and addictions could be related to your upbringing.

Remember though that no one is a perfect parent and your parents, unless they were abusing you severely, always want the best for you.

And because of that, there is no purpose in criticizing or judging your parents or being passive-agressive towards them.

You need to understand why and how your beliefs, habits are formed from your childhood years/teen years.

Use this technique:

  • Why do I think of thing X in the way as I think of it? What situation do I remember that changed my view about this thing, in this way?
  • What currently I think, behave like or do based on this past experience, trauma or conditioning?
  • In the future, what do I want to do differently or what did I learn about this habit and belief I had in the first place?

This is the Past, Present, Future type of method that I used during journaling when I had built up a lot of WEIRD anxieties.

After spending 30 minutes, totally undisturbed and concentrated on that anxiety I had and writing it down by using P-P-F method, I felt relieved.

Relieved, because I started understanding what caused a specific anxiety of mine to develop from and why I was thinking about it as I did.

P-P-F Must be done untill you fully understand your habit or mindset

All your past influences, incidents and uprising related

Get Real Free Will by understanding your behaviors and learning to change them or adapt to your own quirks.

I recommend repeating P-P-F once you feel like mental tension has built up once again, you do not have to practice it every day.

The tension in muscles, belly or breathing makes you procrastinate

Believe it or not, but if you have tight muscles from a stressful event or “stuck in air” inside your belly/diaphragm you will not feel at ease.

The thing is that to feel confident and love the work you are doing, you must “feel at ease”

All kinds of tensions prevent that from happening.

I perform the best, feel the best, work the best and create the best results when my mind is totally clean, pure and confident.

Even better it is when no physical or mental tension is present in my body.

Because the tensions you have do not allow you to become grounded and breath in the present surrounding of you and think positively.

Practice Journaling, Meditation, and 0-Thinking + 100% Focus Method

Practice Journaling – Journaling involves writing down what bothers you and what you do not understand.

By practicing Journaling you can use and it is recommend to – The P-P-F (Past, Present, Future) Method:

  • What happened in the past that causes me to behave, except or think in the way as I do?
  • How does it impact me at the present moment, what do I feel think or dislike about it?
  • In future what can I do differently to not let it influence me in such a way, based on my understanding of its cause?

This is how you clean out the mess that exists inside your head.

Meditation – Mindfulness Meditation is the best kind of Meditation that lets all the thoughts to flow through and to focus on The Present.

What you do is you find a comfortable spot, sit down or stand up and close your eyes, relax muscles and let all the thoughts appearing.

Instead of engaging, reacting or further developing them you just see and observe what they are like and move forward.

Keep doing it and at the same time catch up as much of the present moment as possible.

It really does wonders.

The 0-Thinking + 100% Focus Method

How do you get Real Free Will? By just doing what your mind intends to do.

By focusing not on your expectations and focusing EXACTLY On the action that you are doing.


That is The Key.

You have to become PRESENT in The Action and The Flow of it to see what really is happening rather than what you think will happen.

Do something that brings you joy, puts you into sync with the present and The Future plans and vision of you

The Key to The 0-Thinking + 100% Focus Method is not to disallow thinking or limit it, but to help you focus while TAKING ACTION.

Rather than let you run away from facing your fears and leaving the comfort zone – you just do it, without rationalizing or trying to find a reason to not do so.

That is The 0-Thinking + 100% Focus Method

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