How to Enforce NoSurf Discipline in 1 Easy Step

You might be aware of how much potential you have if you do not waste your time, but your mind just can not stop making up excuses for you to go and surf YouTube or check the five different servers and the messages inside them on Discord, is this you?

Then, if you can not master discipline in your mind for NoSurf and controlling what your hand uses the computer’s input tool (the mouse) for, then use this one simple trick.

Install WasteNoTime extension Google Chrome.

Here is what I do.

It is very simple.

I clicked the Install button in this URL and installed WasteNoTime.

Open up the Extension Settings

  1. Open up the Extension Settings of WasteNoTime
  2. Navigate to the “Block List”
  3. Add the sites that you have wasted most time on (this extension shows your biggest time-wasting sins)

Click “Edit Settings“.

Add “*” to it and Save the Settings.

Select the “Time Allowed” Section

Select the "Time Allowed" section on WasteNoTime Chrome Extension
  1. Click Edit Settings again.
  2. Set the “Time Allowed Per Day: Within Work Hours” to 0 minutes.
  3. And Set the “Time Allowed Per Day: Outside Work Hours” to 60 minutes, at maximum.
Define your Work Hours and set Time Allowed Per Day Within Work Hours to 0 Minutes and Outside Work Hours, maximum 60 Minutes and click "Apply Settings".
(I do not wake up at 4:30 A.M, but in case I ever wake up together with the first sunlight VERY early at summer, I ensure that the extension knows that it has to block ALL of my online time-wasting sins, every time I use my laptop)

Hit the “Apply Settings” button and from now on you only have to ensure that your mind does not decide to guide your hand towards disabling the extension or changing the settings.

The rest is taken care of from now on.

Here you go!

Now use The Internet only for your projects/business/work.

Now you have got the solution to your “NoSurf relapses”.

Imagine if you spent 3x more time and put 5x more effort/quality or actually put in less, but more meaningful and concentrated action and input into your online projects.

Still having the issue of not being able to tame your surfing addiction?

Tell me about your experience with NoSurf and Join all the readers that have found liberation in my words and mission right now.

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