How Money Saves Lives and Calms You Efficiently

How Money Saves Lives?

In many ways.

There are specific aspects of money, that will always be like in that way.

However they are not negotiable and it is The Truth that by seeing money as a relief and safety net, changes your life.

Money is an investment, an asset, and a safety-wear.

Money IS an Investment, An Asset and A SAFETY-WEAR.

You can decrease your stress levels, c-Reactive Protein levels and even increase Dopamine and Testosterone by being financially safe.

How Money Saves Lives by Providing Security

How Money Saves Lives by Providing Security? It does so, by making you calmer, not worried about your stability.

The herd culture does not always have very positive views on money and if they do, they have consumeristic views on it.

And their and possibly your consumeristic views of Money is a reason why money does not flow to them.

You see, you might have heard it, learned it and seen it often:

But –

Money Saves Lives, you can buy toys or assets.

You can Buy Toys or You can Buy Assets

Humans, as Dopamine-driven creatures want to and like buying and having as much as possible.

And that is the reason why so many of us seek for toys.

What do nice clothing, a new car, sweets, sugar, pornography, lust, alcohol and videogames have in common?

  • They feel good for the first minutes, hours or days.
  • Such things, feel “neutral” after they are consumed.

I define this as the short-pleasure cycle.

It is stuff that feels good at first, then it wears out.

Remember that all your current and “old” clothes once were “new” clothes.

You feel lust and then it disappears and you feel hopeless, after engaging in lust.

The new tasty foods or specific sweets you see at the supermarket will wear out once you finish eating them.

Buy basic necessities and money-generating/work improving assets

If possible, take up a change for a week. When you feel urge to buy something, ask yourself:

“Am I not fed, warm, healthy or at optimal work performance for me to buy this toy/asset?”

If the answer is “No” to the question, then it means you want to buy a toy.

When the answer is “Yes”, you need to see whether it is a tool you might need for work or something else.

How Money Saves Lives?

By allowing itself to be used productively and MEANINGFULLY by those who are aware of its life-saving property.

Money Saves Lives by creating a “safety net” for potential, unexpected purchases or crisis.

Here’s how Money Saves Lives by preventing disasters.

Imagine you suddently had the opportunity to save your or your relative’s/family member’s life by buying an expensive therapy.

It would help them quickly and easily, however, the therapy is not paid by your insurance company or the state’s healthcare system.

Obviously, what you could do was to use your own funds to pay for it.

And this is where saving comes in

Money should be grown and to be grown – SAVING must be done at first.

For money to be grown, it must be saved.

And to save money means to buy ONLY what is totally and completely neccessary for your survival and work.

It is minimalism.

You spend ONLY when you BOLDLY need it to maintain stability, security, health or safety.

Or when you find a way to further boost your earnings or create a better outcome for your business/workline.

How Money Saves Lives by Giving you Control Over Causes that need financial support

How money Saves Lives by Giving you Control Over Causes that need financial support?

It saves lives, by letting you donate or influence the cause in the first place.

Money and Financial Prosperity gives you DIRECT access for SUPPORTING and ENHANCING projects, you have interest in.

An initiative could pass and get popular support if it received funding, to get kickstarted?

No problem to give it life, when you as a millionaire spot The Opportunity.

You can even create advocacy groups for your own ideas or causes you want to expand, with the reserves.

When you see a direct opportunity or a person in need, you have this ability tofuel it.

There are multiple opportunities for worthy investments to be made, but often “the missing piece” = interested investor

Let’s say you are an Enlightened person and also are ABUNDANT, then you have the opportunity to see humanity improving the project!

You see it on rise AND you CAN INVEST INTO IT.

What feels better than over time gaining control and influence over things that you want to happen in The World?

This is another motivation piece you can have if you need a reason to not be a consumerist, but a creator and fortune builder.

You can Jump-Start an Important movement or organization

Let’s say something could change the lives of OTHERS and even YOU and it had to get funded for it to be kick-started.

Would you be able to fund A CAUSE If you had MONEY?

Yes, because if you have saved it up and have assets:

You are a Choice Demi-God.

How Money Saves Lives by Allowing you to Remove People that Do not Serve you + Toxic/Negative People

Everyone has the right to sort out and choose who they spend time around with and with who not.

Money Saves Lives by removing the unneccesary burden from your life, such as toxic, negative, defeatists and purely unwanted people from your life.

Money is a stress relief as at the end of the day you have massive savings and investments that allow you to take a break or switch workplace.

That is why as long as you spend less than you earn and have a place to live in, food and possibly Internet access and stable income –

You can choose what you are going to do every day

Noticed that your business has been constantly increasing in performance and revenue under a stable pattern?

Leave your job and stick with it for a month or a year and possibly never participate in the corporate world ever again.

Or walk out of the door of the new company that you wanted to work at when you find out that it is soulless and doesn’t meet expectations.

You can even stick with the work, yet feel no worries or stress because you constantly have Financial Stability behind your back.

When you will have the opportunity to go, you could go and take a vacation for a week, two weeks or a month.

Nothing stops you when you have savings and assets.

How Money Saves Lives by Giving you an Edge In Further Investment-Building

How Money Saves Lives by giving you an Edge in further Investment-Building – It does so by granting you the ability to convert assets.

If you have a big amount of investment in fiat currencies (“normal money”) you can convert it to other forms of value such as metals and others.

Once you already have obtained assets in some different, diverse field and sectors you have the opportunity to expand your investments.

Money is good at letting you convert it into other currencies, companies, revenue-generators including farms, companies or metals.

Everything that can produce something or can be used to create something or even can change in price can be bought.

By having a source of revenue you can divide it between various different, other sources of revenue and even convert it back into fiat currency.

There is no limit for money.

Money allows you to CREATE, Very CRAZY Ideas!

By VERY CRAZY Ideas I actually mean something crazy, whether on a local/community level or in your country or worldwide.

Have obtained billions and decided that you have spotted a perfect spot for a new kind of super-obstacle track?

Maybe you would like to order your own specific spacecraft from one of the biggest private space companies, sure, just pay the amount required.

Kickstart a specific political party? Alright.

Hire an exclusive, highly-intellectual and world-appreciated Intellectual in a specific field and get him on your online show or interview?

Why not?

Obviously, at the end, it will be up to the specific market offers, if any, that exist in The Market based on what you would like to buy, but –

You can even create your own.

Just as I wrote above.

If you think up a specific idea, then find what opportunities and possibilities offer such an ability, to create your own project.

The last limit, when you have INSANE amounts of money is your own Imagination and Creativity.

You get Money.

And you get further assets.

Now the only thing that you need to expand is your own consciousness, imagination and creativity.

Because you are in this world to create great works and achieve unimaginable deeds, not to “just live” and “enjoy the moment”.

The choice has always been there – stay mediocre, do not dare and fight for a better position in your life or challenge yourself and create POWERFUL achievements.

What will be your reality?

Now you have been guided through the reality and The Truth of this world. You have the choice to either live “normally” or create a lifestyle worth remembering.

As far as I remember there is no “true” or “ultimate”, “right” way to live life, therefore I choose to live a life of great achievement and experience and practice ultimate expansion of my Individual Human Potential and consciousness.

There has always been this type of choice, but most of the humans do not want to see what they are capable of, they simply want to let the flow drag them by.

This is not who I am, my personal experience and wisdom have shown me that deep inside me, there is a person, an Individual whose energy and will have been suppressed by specific conditioning, brain-washing and limiting belief introduction.

But a year ago, something woke up inside myself again and I felt a burning wave of urge that told me to go and resist, resist against the boring and mediocre way of living.

I felt a need and a real possibility to transform myself mentally, physically and otherwise and it was not just a false feeling.

The reality is that every human was created to be the most physically capable, mentally sharpest, scientifically interested and in self-preservation interested being.

But the paradox is that nowadays we have created a weird image and thought about ourselves, that because “The System is hard”, we are not capable of great deeds.

Which in no way is close to The Truth that I learned.

Even at the times of highest loss of Human Potential, at times of huge consumption, degeneration and mediocrity, the Individual potential that lies within ALL of us is still burning and waiting for the obstacles to get removed that surround it.

Therefore choose your lifestyle. I designed my own vision, idea, what my life will be like in 5 years.

Choose Your Lifestyle!

Because only 1% take the first step. The Truth is that there will be no “right moment” to attempt something you are afraid of starting.

There will be no “right day” to kick out what has damaged or stopped serving you in the life.

You are expecting for a better opportunity or a better day to come when the stars align in a better way, but I live differently: “I voluntarily twist and change reality, as I want to.”

I do not care if my first attempt at something was completely disasterous, if I lost the track in what I was doing at the first place.

I do not mind that the results I am aiming for did not arrive in the speed I expected them to in the first 120 days.

Because the only way to lose is to stop learning from your mistakes and attempting to do it again and decide that the first battle lost means that the whole war is lost.

Choose Your Lifestyle!

Because The Universe will work with you if you decide to put in the actions and the first steps, but it will not hand you over a magical salvation out of nowhere.

Break free from the chains of pornography addiction, self-sabotage and false, indoctrinated world-view.

There will be no another day, no another try or another minute, this minute is The Minute and right now you are deciding what you are doing with your life.

You are a consciouss player and in your life.

Choose Your Lifestyle!

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