Inner Confidence – What Is It? How to Gain It?

Inner Confidence – What Is It and How to Gain it?

That’s what you would say upon hearing the term Inner Confidence if you haven’t found out already.

Great magicians, Entrepreneurs, Emperors, Kings, and Leaders all have Inner Confidence.

And you must too, have the Inner Confidence if you want to succeed and become a master of your life.

Inner Confidence – Who You Are

In simpler terms, Inner Confidence equals who you are and more importantly who you think you are.

The average folk spends money, time and energy trying to obtain luxuries, approval, and validation through romantic relationships, materialistic purchases, and constant masking of his lack of confidence in similar ways.

Therefore the average Joe over time drives deeper in a negative, depressed, exhausted state of mind where all his money, time and resources are spent to buy toys.

Because you can buy toys, and you can buy assets.

However, without Inner confidence, you will buy lots of toys.

You Must Win to Gain Inner Confidence

The term Self-Esteem could be used, but Inner Confidence is a more appropriate term, it means who you really are and think you are.

So simple.

But to believe in what you want to believe in of you is that, you must either:

a) Gain real success, good results and outcome of your own attempts.


b) You must brainwash yourself into turning what you want to become.

You Must Win.

Whether in reality or in your mind, but you must be a winner and feel like a winner to gain Inner Confidence.

Compare yourself to the old, bad habits you had and how you changed them

I can assure that you, as you are reading this article, have had previous versions of “you” that were not close to what you currently are, in a bad way.

And despite all other circumstances, there always is something, minor and big that can be discovered in your memories of your deeds.

Remember ALL changes you are proud of, that made you stronger, healthier, better and different in a good way.

I swear, you will find anything to be proud of, even the fact that you are reading articles like this one is an enlightening way to feel proud of yourself.

The very fact that you have ended up into this niche, which has always waited there on The Internet for hopeless and clueless people to discover it and rapidly change their lives.

This truth itself already gives you a Tactical Advantage and an edge over 72% people who, if they have succeeded, did so randomly or spontaneously, and over those who are still struggling to figure out why things are bad.

Inner Confidence is tied together with Gratitude, the bigger is the difference between who you were and who you are, the more glorious your Inner Confidence and Gratitude will be, especially Gratitude itself.

Believe me, if you have rapidly improved, you will feel a lot of gratitude for understanding and having realized that you can live differently unless you had completely forgotten what the previous version of you was like.

Accept the fact of Life itself, as a reason to be confident

Life can get tough and it does get tough during the times of downfalls, however, the very fact that you can be an observer and interact with The Universe, rather than for it to exist without anyone witnessing it, is magnificent.

Being able to discover, and engage in Science, creating and shaping your body, enhancing your Intelligence, Strength and finding the best food to eat, seeing sunsets, feeling emotions, that is something hard to understand.

In terms of material existence, it is hard to imagine for material particles to turn into senses and awareness.

But this fact itself should give you HUGE Inner Confidence, that you are.

Remember that you have a mission and more missions, and three further missions and goals you can and will achieve.

Everyone, reading this article right now, young and old, broke and rich will benefit from Inner Confidence.

That being said, you should be massively grateful and understand that is getting advanced with every day, more and more advanced, what you might be suffering and going through this year, might turn into luck after 3 years.

Therefore be grateful for life, to live is to experience the magnificent existence of this world and The Universe.

Obtaining Inner Confidence is Best Way towards Blueprint of Freedom Itself.

Financial Independence and Freedom, Social Freedom and Independence, all these are equally important parts of Blueprint of Freedom, however Inner Confidence is what will make you feel free always, regardless of other stuff.

Which is why Blueprint of Freedom can be obtained easier if you have this strong, deep Inner Confidence that allows you to pursue and believe in what you are doing and be proud of it and not ashamed.

To gain Financial Freedom, Mental Freedom, Social Freedom, and Intellectual Freedom means to be confident inside, which means you are less likely to sabotage yourself, due to the Inner Confidence that you have.

Most addictions, negative states of Mind and wastes of Human Potential are solved by Blueprint of Freedom.

And exactly – this is what you need, you need the Blueprint of Freedom, that is the whole Blueprint and practically applicable theory of actions for your life.

Obtain a permanent connection to this lifestyle, tell me your story of your dream lifestyle and type of day you would like to have every day you wake up, and visualize it and remember what you want to wake up to.

That is what you should obsess to obtain.

You should obsess over obtaining the Blueprint of Freedom mentally, Intellectually, Financially, Physically to become so free in your mind, achievements, and successes, that you need literally zero external validation.

And the greatest way to work on your improvement, growth, and rebirth after the death of the old version of you, is by using the great guidance on

I can guarantee, that there will be an article from all the masterpieces that I have written, that will personally connect with a specific goal or solution you would like to obtain and will change something in your thinking.

Because the Blueprint of Freedom is guaranteed and created for such a purpose – to establish your personal liberation and growth within all aspects of your life, to bring back what you had always been hiding inside yourself.

There is an unused amount of energy, matter and potential hiding inside you

Imagine that you were doing push-ups, you could barely make it to 20 and you already felt way too exhausted, however, something kicked in your mind and you made it further to 30, then 40 and maybe 50?

And now you had done it in the same time period during which previously you only made it to 20 push-ups, when you had a hidden energy reserve to tap into 50 push-ups that you could have done, before as well.

This is what I call “the optimization/maximization principle” whenever I had done something in my life not as much as I could, but at the next day I did more than I could, then I had MAXIMIZED my potential.

Potential maximization – that is the name of it.

You ensure that the resource – time, that you will have only once, at that moment when you have it is used for the best of your creations and efforts.

No wasting of it, no minimization, zero short-cuts, you do things quickly, fast and get as much extra time as possible.

And once you stop wasting time, wasting resources, wasting attention, giving a care about slight microscopical features and just follow and let the workflow happen naturally as you give in to your instinct, then things happen.

Great magic awakens, you connect with your action one in one and your mind disconnects, it goes away and leaves you alone, without planting overthinking into your brain, you start manifesting your thoughts with your actions.

You just take whatever you wanted to do, you write it, you live it, you read it and you do it and it all connects together for you.

That’s it.

That is your job to start doing, doing as quickly, strongly and efficiently as possible and then ensure that the next day will be one where you will spend even fewer resources and gain a greater amount of outcomes from it.

Easy, simple, straight-forward, no short-cuts, no excuses, you maximize every piece of your life wherever you can do so.



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