How To Efficiently Deal with Haters, Toxic and Passive-Aggressive People

How to Properly, Efficiently Deal with Haters, Toxic and Passive-Aggressive People.


We all experience unpleasant interactions with all kinds of people, most commonly it is not your fault, but theirs, when they act in a toxic way or passively-aggressively.

I have experienced specific individuals and their toxic, passive-aggressive actions, however, their actions and the reasons behind them must be understood, before reacting to them.

More importantly – you must become stoicly mindful about such incidents, because you can not control whether an expression will be made, by them.

How to Recognize a Hater and Move Forward by Keeping What Serves you and Removing the Bulls***

How to Recognize a Hater

A hater is an Individual, that once put in the same room with you will not be able to stop leaking their juice of bitterness out of themselves, regarding you and your life.

These people have no fulfilling things to do with their times, therefore they do not really understand the value of their time and energy which is why they are doing that.

But, is it part of a larger plan? Maybe they are building their first steps into the career of shit-talking other people? Who knows, it might be in that way.

Although my observations show that probably due to alcohol damage, sleep deprivation, unsatisfaction with their physical and mental being, they simply have more bitterness.

Show me an over-satisfied person in all areas of his life, with fulfilling things to do in every hour and every single day of his life and we will see if he needs to “hate” someone in the first place.

Little is in your control, not everything is a personal attack against your individuality and personality.


Multiple people have their own preferences, their own, specific, unique worldview and the types of other people they like and dislike.

And so do I, and so do you!

Therefore it means, that even if you had the best optimization of living in every aspect of your life – your business, work, family and social life and your physical well-being –

There still would be 2% of individuals from all the masses that, if they were given an ability to press a like and dislike button, would press the dislike button.

You can see this with every single channel in existence, even if someone received 99%-100% of love, someone would give hate, just to sort out the balance for the sake of doing it.

It is not preventable unless every human being was forced to explain the reason behind their opinion and worldview to some central, authoritarian agency that determined The Truth.

But The Truth is that there is no one that can judge or choose what is The Truth or is not The Truth, we can do so only collectively and individually, but no one holds the ultimate right to it.

There is no Global General Judge of The Truth, yet…

You are The One Getting The Attention, whether negative or positive.

What haters and The Opposition often do wrong is that when they want to keep you at the bottom by attacking you, they often draw more victories to you than losses.

They do so, by giving more resources, time and their attention to you than you give to them and in the end, you passively generated traffic, publicity, and attention without doing anything.

Yes, that is right.

Every single hater, a harsh critic and toxic person, even if they spread lies or disinformation at the end attract more curious souls and persons that come to see what the fuzz is all about.

And some of them are the people that will become your friends, allies, and supporters.

Therefore do not fear criticism, whether constructive or not and let the hate flow, as both praise and hate direct attention towards you and at the end, more people get to know you.

And get to know what you are about and your ideas.

You Can Choose to “Sort out” unwanted Individuals

If you have asserted yourself multiple times and had an honest, eye-to-eye conversation with the toxic individual that you, unfortunately, have to meet on a daily basis, then:

“The only choice left is, to choose how often they will be allowed to interact with you/how far”

Do not think that it is your duty to let someone that does not serve you or creates unnecessary and preventable conflict, tension or stress, to be in your life.

Choose to “sort them away” from your life or rapidly minimize and refuse to engage with them.

Keep filtering people and setting your boundaries until one point they are able to remember everything that they are not allowed to do.

There is nothing wrong with setting boundaries and avoid triggers – it is your right to choose to do so.

The reason why I am living more stress-free, relaxed and better being life is because I basically sorted out the list of “acquitances” and “people whom I interact with”.

After observing how people’s behavior towards me changes depending on the situation and their interest, I have found out which individuals are positive to me.

And also found out which are not or are attracted only to my high-energy that comes from the various practices, including Semen Retention, that I practice

Adapt the “King looks above them all” attitude or mindset

You know these people, that act like peasants – they literally copypaste common norms, beliefs and mindset of others, with no individual thought.

Their opinion is easily shaped by their friends and other influences.

Well, you are dealing with approval-seekings a.k.a. “peasants”.

As a King, it is your duty to umderstand that the masses do not always have the wisdom and understanding of what betters the world, as you do.

Therefore you must posses this “unbotherable” type of attitude that literally allows you to realize that it is their own complexity and issues of mind, not always the truth.

Because, the masses, especially those people with lower-consciousness/wisdom tend to have lots of unresolved, inner conflict and chaos.

To strengthen yourself against The Society and the low-consciousness people, you must strengthen your family and household first.

Ensure that your family is supporting, stable and your parents create confidence and peace environment in your house and your children are supported your energy –

And The Society will do them no harm and no harm to you.

The Family is like a monostery. It is a temple, that regenerates you and if it is free of bullshit, conflict and tension then the negative energies in the public will disappear for you.

Put it in this way – no one will bother you during the 20% of time you spend outside your own house/family when the 80% you spend inside is healing and peacefull.

Go and assert to the Family member that creates instability, unclarity or chaos.

Find out and determine your and other family member involvement in chaos, if any, is present in the holy temple of strength and confidence, which is The Family.

Then go, assert yourself to them and see if they are up for making a solution or changing their behavior, remember that in many cases you’ll have to forgive.

In some situations, there will be micro-conflicts that you will only be able to ignore and not get invested and attached to.

But, it is important to clear any negative relationships or unresolved misunderstandings or train someone’s bad behavior for others to not get harmed, right now.

Because once your family supports you, creates no stress for you and enables you in a good way, then all the lower-consciousness and lower-energy people will shatter in front of you.

The toxic, negative and predatory types of individuals that tend to prey on you the most when you have had an inner conflict, misunderstanding or instability, they are good at feeling if you are vulnerable or not.

This is why for a man to completely guard and shield himself against the predators he must practice Semen Retention and NoFap, because the practice brings a form of shield through increased deepness of voice, confidence in the posture, clarity of mind and dominance of his existence, against the predatory, lower energy people.

Remember that your family and household must hold together strong, regardless of inner dislikes in the relationships.

When each family member holds together strongly and firmly and provides good value to each other, they will completely shield themselves from the predatory society, public indoctrination and the freedom hating mobs, that exist in the world.

Remember that the world is full of negative people, in general majority of them are neutral and even friendly, but at the right time, they will wait to take advantage of you.

Ensure that this knowledge stays in your mind forever and be the one that controls and “puts down” their inner tendencies, before they ever express them.

Do it so, by being helpful and supportive to your family members and making them be the same to you, it is a symbiotic chain of mental and emotional strength, The Family.

When Liberty taking-away movements, collectivized hordes of the degenerate, low-consciousness and the envious and jealous arise, the fortress survives, if it is strong.

In the end, you ensure the supreme control of reacting or not reacting to lower consciousness, negative people.

Keep that in your mind.

It is not your duty to give any more energy, resources or attention to individuals that limit you or minimize your ideas and your personality.

At the end, it is only them, themselves that think about you, they are actually embracing you, by directing their attention and focus towards you with their words and thoughts, regardless of the context.

And what you have done is that you have efficiently increased the interest of other people in you and obtained free flow of attention, you got their attention.

But they do not understand it, they think that by doing or saying mean things about you and to you, they will lower your reputation or positioon.

It is actually the oppossite, they are projecting attention towards you and with the right tricks and methods you can transmutate it into positive or needed attention.

While for a time the 98% of comments and attention might be negative, mean and rude, when the genuinely interested will come forward –

They will start giving positive attention and real engagement, support and understanding of your ideas and your being.

Because for haters, toxic people and passive-agressive people to live and do what they do most of the time – they have to constantly engage against their targets.

But if you are the one that is not bothered, affected or even interested in their thoughts and negativity, then you are spending less energy than they are.

In the end = You Win.

By simply appearing, existing and walking, you are able to trigger and bring out the inner jealousy, envy and hate out of multiple people.

You are basically like a powerfull force, that draws all kinds of attention towards you by just doing things that are not understood or accepted by The Society at that moment.

Because in the end, it is the Wealth and Mission that you have and at the end of the day you still go to sleep, take a look at all the comments that have been made and count the revenue and plan the next projects.

In the end you win, you have created an outrage, whether good or bad, but it drew up even further interest to you.

Easy, these people are not your family, your mission, your life nor your friends for you to obey, listen to or react to their negative, lower-consciousness energies.

Keep moving forward and understand that if someone or masses are trigerred or do not like what you are doing, that you are on the right path towards Freedom.

Because at end of the decade, it is only what you did by your own principles and terms, that matters and does not bring you feeling of regret.

You can choose to please and satisfy the world and after 10 years understand that your inner desires and dreams were not fulfilled.

Or you can choose to live a life of 0-regrets and do what your soul had always told you to do.

It is up to you, a choice of yours.

But, behold of the mighty power that a strong personality brings, remember that not many have uncontrollable strict principles and a strong personality and iron will.

Because in the age of darkness and growing enlightenment, only very few know the truths and have the inner strength to pursue them on this world.

And take no regret, worry or fear about what was not done as it could have been done or what could happen in the way you do not want to, as your decision to let it happen or not, currently is in your hands, go forward and do not drop the hobby or practice that you started just because someone told you that “you suck at it”.

I did not have much idea about how to properly workout for maximum benefits until I dissolved my ego and took a look at how it really is done.

But that was an experience, learning and understanding, and acquirement of self-awareness, not a permanent definition of my ability in the hobby.

In the same way, the criticism that is directed toward you, even if relatively true, is not a pernament decision and marker of your true capability in the aspect.

It is instead a TEMPORARY perspective from an another, specific person about your skills and capability in your hobby or practice rather than a permanent determination or a decision of your worth to be allowed to continue pursuing it.

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