Listen to and Obey Your Gut Reaction

Listen to and Obey Your Gut Reaction.

This is what I learned.

When I finished meditating, I felt an urge, a gut reaction, a sense to write this article.

I felt an urge to not go and do anything else, but do this thing, write this article.

Your Gut Reaction calculates the best action for you, very often it wants to surprise you.

I remember when I was 13, 14 and 15 I always listened to my gut reaction.

However, conditioning, pressure, and intervention into what I felt to be the best for me, caused me to get out of touch with this sense, with this magnificent feeling.

Over time I was heavily forced to “use my mind”, which actually means to sit in dark.

I have never got the idea to write articles, make videos or do any of the specific habits that turned out to bring great results and magical abundance and results, with a “logical” or “rational” approach.

It all was a gut reaction, I felt a hidden urge and a desire to write articles, a hidden urge and a desire to create a blog that would grab people’s attention and connect with them and give them answers to their life’s biggest questions and problems.

As a child and as a younger teenager I always felt if I had a creative idea to draw if I wanted to do something more serious, if I wanted to take a rest and breath in deeply or if I wanted to eat a specific food.

I always felt what was needed for me, but the manual intervention kicked it, blocked it.

Do not lie to yourself, listen to your gut reaction, it is there, it has always been and always will be there.

For instance, recently I had some dilemmas that I felt to be hopeless in my mind, instead of trying to approach them rationally I just listened to what my body said was the best way for me to mentally approach them.

And so I did and acted and spoke in regard to these situations, related to these moral dillemas based on my gut reaction and mind instinct.

In the same way when you want to approach and flirt with a beautiful girl, your gut reacting is already trying to say: “you fool, just go and do it”, but instead you try to think up all the weird tricks that the PUA artists taught you.


Forget it.

When you are on move, on the flow, your gut reaction is already subconsciously coordinating your actions, right now I do not even overthink what I am writing and what I am going to write, I am just following my gut reaction and instinctively putting out the words that cross my mind.

Your Gut Reaction wants to make a happy life for you.

Every time when you feel gravitated towards a specific type of exercise, intensity or food, instead of listening to the rambling and overanalysis that all these “exercise and workout “professionals” ” give, just listen to what types of exercises you instinctively want to do, put on the weight that you feel like will flex and twist your muscles in a perfect way.

Whenever you are thinking whether you should do “X” or “Y”, just let your automatic, subconscious, gut reaction take over and put you into The Flow.

At times when you know and sense deeply in your soul and heart that you should give up Internet pornography and stop watching it like a non-lifer with no bigger purpose and mission in life, instead of searching up on Google “scientific expert studies”, just listen to your gut reaction and follow what you intuitively want to do/not do.

At the time when you feel like you want to procrastinate, yet your gut reaction tells you to write this theme, this book or make this video, go and do it.

Once somebody wants you to come closer to them, despite giving off a dangerous and sly vibe, instead of listening to their words, trust your gut reaction.

When you want to comment on an article or say “Hi” to this girl or the random person you feel shy to speak with, listen to your gut reaction.

Every time when you feel a wave of dread, meaninglessness, and hopelessness when coming to your office job to waste another 8 hours for five days, every week to only get a thousand dollars once a month, listen to your gut reaction and ask yourself: “What do I really want to live like?”

Your gut reaction is a unique collection of your INDIVIDUAL Blueprints of Freedom and choices that if you listen to and let the flow take over and make them happen for you, will bring heaven into your life.

My biggest successes in life are based on my gut reaction.

In a world that is crazily obsessed with “planning” and “rational” thinking, it seems “logical” to address everything from a specific perspective to not become an “NPC”, however deep inside you know what is right for you.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, because you are not supposed to be some sort of rationalist machine, as that is what robots, AIs and computer software is for, we humans are unique individuals and we have our inner principles, desires, and goals that can be intuitively and automatically executed when we listen to our gut reactions.

Listen to your gut reaction, every time when you feel like you need to do something in a way, do it in a way, do not second-think, over-think or analyze, just go with it and feel the joy of having jumped over a cliff you otherwise would have overtaught about jumping from it or not.

You can always find a more “right” thing to do.

If you really need proof of what kind of hell can happen in your life if you continuously try to find the “most right and efficient” way to do something, then just try it for one day, as if you had to do everything in the best possible way to leave the least harm and waste to the world, you will become exhausted, depressed and anxious.

The Truth is that The Universe is abundant, forgiving and spontaneous, it does not want you to become an automatic robot, nor it wants you to be driven by emotions, it has no rules, you create the playground in The Universe, and it is up to you to embrace the inner personality and future version of you that is placed inside your gut in the form of gut reaction or go against it, lie to yourself, spend 10 or 15 years in slavery and hopelessness, to then regret these years and asking “What If?”.

I would never want to be a “What If-er” – I would rather do something even if it turned out to not be as I expected it to turn out, I would rather do it even if it failed to meet my expectations as I would at least know that in the way I tried to create it, it did not turn out as I visualized and expected it to happen, but I would never let myself pass away from an opportunity that I intuitively feel like I need to pursue, and then spend rest of my life thinking about what I could have done before, when the opportunity had already gone.

This was what I became great at when I started taking cold showers, when I started stepping out of my comfort zone, when I started listening to my inner desires and visions, regardless of the “rational”, overthinking side of my mind, and when I jumped into the cold water without thinking a second time about it.

I found wealth, happiness, success, meaningfulness and hope in everything that I did by risking, and going through it despite shivers of anxiety, sweat, monkey mind racing, and many other uncomfortable factors.

Kill the Fear before it starts

Most of your fears are fake and the ones that are real will be felt with your gut reaction, and you will know when to avoid a real threat or an actual situation that is dangerous for you and your life.

Kill the Fear before it even begins, this is what I do when I catch myself overthinking, I just get straight to work, jump straight into the cold water and let The Flow take over my hands, eyes, and mind and let the results and great works come out of it.

The Glorious things are created by following and listening to your gut reaction and obeying it FULLY.

You must jump fully into it, you must not leave one foot uncovered or a minute unspent in the water, when it could be spent, you must fully obey your gut reaction.

This means fulfilling ALL your plans, exactly as you felt them and desired them, enforcing discipline every time when your gut reaction tells you to do so and making money when you feel like it.


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