Design The Lifestyle You Want to Live

You have got an opportunity right now. At the present moment, you are CHOOSING what type of Lifestyle you are Designing!

Do not believe me? Look at who you become the next day and then look at what you did yesterday that initiated you further into what you are currently and then check what you did not do, that could have made you into something better.

“Hmm, it looks like I played videogames, “chilled out” and ate junk, maybe tried to get some stuff done” – is this your response?


Or maybe your response is “I “tried” to do some stuff, did some stuff, but kinda achieved good results” – Or maybe this?


What if you could say every single waking day when you wake up “Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life! I did so much, I increased my income three times, got 5 new business partners, continued learning a new language, obtained new wisdom, traveled around the countryside in the sun, seeing GLORIOUS sights of nature”.


Indeed for you to live such a lifestyle, would be for you to feel liberated and free.


And you know what? There is nothing right now that prevents you from not being a slave.


Yes, at the present moment you can create your own goal, vision, dream, whatever achievement you always wanted to fulfill.


I do not care what “degree” you have or about your “experience”, you can choose 1 subject or one field you want to practice and get unbeatable at and then simply become what you intended to turn into in it.


Sounds impossible? No, because to be good at something and achieve something you need:

  1. Practice and direct attempts at learning a new skill/craft
  2. Enough Experience
  3. Further action and meeting the requirements for YOUR OWN Goal.

That’s it.

You do not need some bullish “qualification” or other government’s institution approval of similar sort. All you need is direct practice on the skill, subject, field that you want to master, then experience from Trial & Error and at the end, you just showcase and meet the requirements for YOUR OWN PERSONAL mastery/goal in that field.

This is the age of THE INTERNET – Any average Joe by knowing how to use the right search terms on “Google” and by having a very simple human brain ability – To follow instructions can find out ways to learn and create new things, regardless of his previous qualification, profession or other crazy “requirements” like these.

You want to be healthy, wealthy, famous, maybe even powerful, whatever your desires are, I can see them, I know that you have some goals, big lifestyle designs that you would like to execute practically in your life.

But instead of taking the first step to find out how you can become Financially Independent you are still only day-dreaming and mentally visualizing it, but not taking much action.

Design Your Lifestyle

See, just 4 months ago I dreamed how I would like to share my philosophy, insights, motivational sayings, guiding and my mind’s deepest thoughts and ideas with you and the world.

I looked at so many, multiple blogs and the people who wrote them, I looked at the comments and the YouTube channels of these people with their persona and designed lifestyle, they all were unique, just like me and you.

Unique in specific ways, not bad, not good, but unique.

However then I had a vision, I imagined how I would write, talk and spread MY Ideas, about my own passions, desires, wisdom and interests, and philosophical ideas for everyone to apply and use and take part in.

It all seemed so distant, I always had dreamed about obtaining independence, freedom, I never felt like any of the “normal job, school and “normal” life” type of living was for me, as a child I were interested in more extraordinary things, I did not live in the world, I always asked and questioned why things are as they are.

I had interest in subjects where I felt the personal potential talent and an ability for me to be a pioneer in them, to do something new, to invent, that is what I always wanted to do since childhood and until my present age.

No matter what, this personal trait of mine still carried over with me, even if somebody tried to talk me into mediocre, degenerate stuff, I could only be mentally entertained when talking about and doing higher level stuff, I wanted to find people with whom I could aim for higher ambitions, bigger self-development and think like a visionary.

But over time pressure from the school increased, people did not always understand me in the way as I did and would not act in the similar, open-minded way and visionary way of thinking as I had.

I always looked at all the documentaries, inventions, ground-breaking medical innovations, paradises in the equator and many other things and never understood why this could not be something to spread widely?

Why at the peak of human technological development, the world is not as advanced yet as in theory these practices have been found to possibly exist like?

And after years of falling into a lower state of confidence, positive optimism and hopefulness I obtained a classical case of “lackluster syndrome” – all my visions, goals and personal ambitions, they have been minimized, shut down more from people “being realistic”, and the biggest dream killer – The Public Education System.

Fear is the Biggest Killer

What I learned from my own experience, Trial and Error practices, and attempts is that people are so AFRAID!

Not necessarily in the freak-out kind of way or constant anxious type of fear, however deep inside the masses are secretly jealous, envious and are lusting for all the great lifestyles and innovations that the higher classes of this world pursue and create.

And in some cases, masses are ignorant and do not even know their true, fullest, inner Human Potential, and find only animalistic joys in eating, “living in the present and “enjoying” life and “obtaining experiences” ” without even thinking up long-term strategies, visions, and their personal goals.

Every time when someone in the collective starts to live differently and adapts different eating habits or becomes more productive and successful then the herd starts to panic.

The herd either secretly admires the person and openly tries to put him down, but in general, the “Fear” is what prevents many people from designing their own lifestyle and changing themselves in a revolutionary way.

That same “Fear” is what never brings them to the side of the fence where the grass is greener, what creates the inner monster that eats their mind, soul, and heart and drives to suicides, depression, and anxiety.

The same, frustrating, evil, that cursed “Fear” that is the original cause of these phrases:

“That’s how life is”

“Just go with the flow, man”

“Why are you even trying”

“You should be “more realistic” and get a “job” ”

Write more of such phrases in the comments, but the idea is the same – These are the kinds of quotes that you hear from those who deeply inside their mind, soul and heart are broken, enslaved and frustrated and often do not understand the self-neglecting indoctrination they have gone through and participated in THEMSELVES.

It is the virus, that collectively is imposed on a young child’s soul and heart by the crowd, the virus that paralyzes the men and the women in face of completely unfair treatment from their bosses, government and specific groups of the society.

People need to re-discover their Inner True Human Potential

The fact is that from now on, I do care and nor I want you to care about what you previously were taught to believe in, I want you to ABANDON everything that has made your inner-confidence to go down even by 1%.

I want you to once again get grip on that last small part of your optimistic and child-like state of positivity and belief in wonders that you had and grab it firmly before it slips away further and then let it enter into you.

I want you to get sucked up with the brain steroid drug of “Human Potential”- to once again day-dream about all these lifestyles you wanted to live, things you wanted to achieve when you were younger.

And I want you to give me one promise – That now on you will rate yourself based on your inner potential, not external ratings, that the society and schooling system gave you.

Let the anger, frustration, hatred and hope mix together and get rid of your inner burden and reveal the true You!

Remember the people that wronged you, the people that imposed limiting beliefs you, remember how you started actually believing in what they said, remember how the teacher grabbed away and threw in the trash can your drawings, stopped and interrupted you when you were asking questions deeper and further than from what was taught in the “lessons”, and remember how you wanted to be a millionaire, programmer or a strongman.

REMEMBER IT ALL, Remember the anger, the frustration, the feeling of not being understood and now think whether you are still what you once were.

Because EVERYONE, me and you have been cut down by 40% in our confidence and true understanding of our inner self, of our motivated, disciplined, dedicated and fearless childhood version of ourselves.

The version that did not fear getting fired by your employee, that did not feel an obligation to run like a dog upon hearing a whistle toward his employer to work for another 6 hours a soul-taking, robotic job.

That version of you enjoyed every piece of food, the breath of air, idea and every living moment of your life.

I want you to see and feel the difference between what you perceived and what you see now, I want you to start to remember specific people and events that now bring back a memory and realization that someone or something that once happened to you, stopped you from doing a very specific thing, that could have turned out great if you had not listened to someone else.

REMEMBER IT, Let it kick-back, let the memory kick in, how these ugly, mediocre, degenerated people tried to put you down, how they said that you “are not good for it”, remember those who emotionally and physically injured you, let the memory flow into your mind and your blood pump up, remember the rage, how you developed self-destructive habits because of it, how you fell into addictions and how you actually started believing in their words.

And now imagine how low these people currently are in life, imagine how dreaded they are every morning, when physically intoxicated bodies, dreamless and lust-lacking minds go to their daily Human Zoo of “employment”.

Feel the hate and at the same time the realization of how wrong they were and how much they lied to you, let it manically overtake your body as you feel like it lets you feel the hate that is of liberating nature.

Let the hate flow inside you and imagine how that situation of past, that created a trauma of you, imagine the same scenario, same place and imagine how in this situation, instead of getting talked into and made to believe of whatever self-sabotaging beliefs you obtained, instead imagine how this situation changes – you start to become physically bigger and imagine how these people in that specific traumatic situation disappear and shatter into pieces of glass.

Imagine yourself growing bigger physically, mentally extend your shoulders and put your head upwards, with your chin up, but not in an arrogant height, but just a little bit higher than usual, imagine how these memories of the past are starting to shatter, how these people and their words have flown through your body and how you start to laugh at them, imagine how big you have become now and how little and stupid their opinion of you now are, imagine and SEE How strong you have become, the complete opposite of the lies they told to you.

See your glorious height, growth, and development you have obtained and then imagine these people starting to shrink in your field of view, imagine them getting smaller and less significant, imagine these things that happened to become something completely irrelevant, imagine how you over-write the past and how in these situations they got broken into pieces of glass and any harm they tried to do to you, did not get seeded inside your subconscious mind and how you are completely invincible, immune to their words and how a steel shield forms around you and their evil deeds get mitigated by your glorious shield and hit them back and make them shrink, break and disappear as if they had never hurt you, opposed you and made you believe that you are not capable of your own biggest, deepest desires and ambitions.

Let these memories shatter, re-write them as if you had always been a winner in these situations and realize that you have always been right, you always were confident, able to create a wealthy, abundant and a healthy life, you always have had a true potential to fulfill these dreams, and the only thing that made you think otherwise was – “The external judgment and lies told by the world”

Now you have a choice to completely forget the nay-sayers, the haters, the critics, the indoctrinators because you are still alive, you are breathing and at any present moment you can leave your enslavement RIGHT NOW, you can start doing the thing you always wanted to do, the music you always wanted to create, the goal you wanted to obtain and eat the snack you always wanted to eat, but never could.

And want to know something else?

In the end, it is only who you are, that is, the others, ty are a temporary passing-by phenomenon in your life.

If you need a way to completely de-attach yourself from other people’s thoughts, criticism and the anxieties and fears attached to the approval-seeking patterns that have been indoctrinated into you, then think in terms of yourself.

Imagine yourself as a separate from everything else, as something unique, as a holy temple of light that never lets any negative, evil or criticizing thought, word or an evil eye to touch or come in contact with.

Think of yourself as a pure, holy spirit, that has a beacon of the orbit of The Light inside you, as that wonderful, joyful and hopeful child that you are, the one who has the ability to say “No” and can choose what he will do by ignoring other people’s small knowledge of the real you.

Remember how you liked the nature, the grass, how you could joyfully laugh and play without feeling any guilt or shame for being who you are, as a child, how you did not even re-think what this person or that person thinks of me at that moment and how you just continued doing what you had done at the end.

Because primarily, it is your time, your resources and attention that you own as the only finite resource in this world and The Universe, and you have a present moment opportunity to write a legacy and live a joyful life, therefore the question is: “Will these people, who were your haters, bullies and harsh critics, will they still be relevant and have they ever had any impact or change in what you would have done in any case, ignoring their opinion, in 2, 3 and 6 years?”

I have achieved such milestones that completely have transformed me 5x times further and 20x times stronger of what I once was, I am getting closer to my own supreme goal and ideal lifestyle, and despite all the falls I have had, I always stood up another time and continued going towards my personal goals.

Even when I had temporarily let someone made me think otherwise, I always realized how false and wrong their words and thoughts were and after a week or two, I already continued doing what I sensed to be wrong.

And right now I practice Lifestyle Design and so you do.

At the present moment you are choosing if the thing that makes you anxious, scared will get resolved, if you are going to stand up for yourself and say “No” to those that want you to live someone’s else’s, but not your own lifestyle, at the present moment you are writing what your life will be in 1 week, 1 month and in 1 year.

And at the present moment, you can choose to live differently, HOWEVER, you would like by simply choosing to and finding the right resources that let you get towards that goal.

There are no limits for you, I do not care what anyone has made you believe

Create your own Blueprint of Freedom.

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