Channeling Negative Emotions Into Success and Positive Outcomes

Do you know that feeling of “anger”? The hate, the frustration for all that happened to you, for the mistakes you made in the past, for the things you worried about when you did not have to worry, about the choices you made or did not make.

Every human has met these emotions.

The real question is how are you going to use them or let them use you to move forward.

Or to move backward.

Enslave Your Mind Not Vice-Versa

Your mind should not be the one that Enslaves you, but you should be the one that Enslaves your mind.

Enslave your mind.

Do not let your mind enslave you.

It is that simple.

You need to EMBRACE the hatred, the frustration, and the anger to let it transmute into a constant determination and will to remove the environment or condition that created it in the first place.

Or to change your life toward the direction in which you will feel the opposite – complete content sense of being, success and optimism and a sense of purpose.

Fool yourself not, the hatred is AN INDICATOR of a condition that works against you.

Every single time when you feel anxious, bitter or frustrated it is your mind saying: “Change the situation! Seek a solution! Dump the low-energy, low-consciousness, time wasting, negative people, do SOMETHING!”

Because your mind and soul is screaming for your help, it shows you that what happened was not applicable for you and again let yourself be fooled not, it is not “your fault”, because it is a SIGN!

Learn to Remove what Does not Serve You

Emotions, just like your intuition and rational mind are created to feel you when things are not serving you – when they happen against your goals, intentions, and desires.

And when someone does something, you get angry, frustrated – perhaps this person or job you have does not help you work for your mission?

Dump them, dump those elements that do not serve you.

You wanted to write books and create a business, meanwhile, you have to go to a terrible place for who knows what?

For a paycheck?

Whatever the reason is, you are still sacrificing your only life and only time you will ever have for someone else and his goals.


Dump the thing.

“But what if my plan does not work?”

Then you start it over or change your approach to your goals.

It does not matter, because as I said you only have one life, a single try and one specific day.

Especially in our times, when you can survive by not wasting money on useless stuff, you can afford to save up tons of funds and then take a temporary break dedicated solely to your own projects.

Again, as I have said – “You only have one shot at it”, and there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between using only 6 hours of your time to pour in all your energy and willpower into your project and 14 hours of doing so.

You are not Immortal, meaning that even if you stay biologically young, you are not invincible to bad things that could happen.

And that alone is a reason to do all the things you have wanted to, without regard for other people’s presumptions of you.

Choose wisely, and:

Choose wisely what you do and who you let in

Do not let your emotions lead you, but lead your emotions

To not let your emotions take a charge over your decisions, means to recognize a trigger, however, disarm it from physically or mentally staying in your mind and solve the situation rationally.

Over time, as you learn to not let the heat of the moment make you labyrinth into thought patterns that ruin you or make undecided choices that you would regret afterward, you will become a master of self.

Emotions, the ones that are of negative, frustrating nature are a waste of mental and psychic energy, they ruin you, leave trauma inside you and lower your Serotonin, Testosterone and make you feel sad.

That is why frustration, anger, and hopelessness, these all are the pathways to The Dark Side – they are what is used as a way to drive you into the hell further, to completely convert you to your shadow side of yourself.

The shadow side, the one that unleashes your inner chaos and animal and creates further suffering, that side of you that drives you further towards destruction, misery and eternal dread.

Be mindful about your thoughts, but never get attached to them too strongly nor regret about having let one in your past, the past is a lesson and that is all you should remember, there is only to learn from the past.

Even mistakes that you have repeated three, five or seven times were simply a repeated attempt of The Universe to remind you of what you are vulnerable of screwing up or what you should avoid.

The past is a lesson, The Present is an opportunity, The Future is a potential.

Meditation helps you become mindful of your thoughts and with Channeling negative emotions into Success.

Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful tool that helps those that are more sensitive and strongly affected by their emotions and thoughts.

Just like you feel more resilient and happy while meditating, with one less sense (vision) enabled, you are also more resilient when you carry over the mindfulness mode into your daily life, outside your meditation sessions.

Therefore meditate and then apply the Mindfulness to yourself, outside of your meditation chamber.

Channeling negative emotions into Success means recognizing them and then recognizing the obstacle, the person or the environment or condition that is not favored by you, then remember it and work to avoid it.

You do not have to let the frustration, anger to come in its physical form, you can simply be aware of it, but never attach to it for it to manifest physically inside your body, then you continue working towards success.

Defining the main problem of what caused negative emotion, helps not getting attached to the feeling, but to the solving of the problem itself.

One of the most powerful keys towards controlling your emotions, not vice-versa is to focus on the problem itself that caused it to happen, to recognize your lack of control over everything and then work on solving it.

Or work on preventing it.

Whatever it is, always be in control of what you are trying to solve, rather than what you are feeling, as most of the arguments happen when you forget what was the main goal of the argument itself and drift into further anger.

This is exactly why couples, humans in general and other social groups tend to have arguments and debates without a light at the end of the tunnel, because:

“You have to remember what was the objective when you started the debate/argument at the start”

See! Remember that, the initial goal, the objective or the problem that made the argument start in the first place.

And then drive the argument or debate towards solving it, rather than escalating further tension.

That’s it!


Remember that every time when you fall, you remember where you can trip again, and prevent it.

The truth is that I personally have noticed that I engage in less and less self-destructing emotions over time and actions that have burned me in the past, I engage in them less often and remember what screwed me up.

This is a very powerful way to never again regret, worry or feel bitter about your past conflicts, negative emotions, and self-sabotage as it was only a way of learning, to prepare you for the lifestyle you asked The Universe for.

Yes, if you had not in the first place chosen to become mentally healthier and independent, you would have still experienced the negative emotions as much as you did before.

But if you are seeing an overall positive curve of your personal healing and development, it means that you are actually in the process of manifesting your goal.

Even when you temporarily feel as if everything has suddenly broken down inside your inner world and mind, you are gaining an opportunity every single time to learn from your fears, anxieties, and failures of the past.

You will fall a lot, insanely, sometimes in the ways that you never expected to fall, however, you will have the ability to jump straight up, you will have the ability to learn from that experience and come back stronger.



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