How to Achieve Goals and Get Things Done (Actual Tutorial)

Do you want to find out how to achieve great results and create perfect things?

I will tell you how, because there have been many times when you tried to get something done, you did it, but it felt like “nothing”.

That empty feeling of you taking hours, 2, 3 and four hours, to find the best way to do something, the best way to code or write your article.

Then at end of the day, your project still looks like a “Meh”.

But do you know what truly, the real reasons behind this are?

You will know it, now. :_)

1) There is a need for a clear image of your goal.

There is nothing wrong with experimentation, creativity and spontanous work creations, but if you can not define what at the end the customers or viewers are supposed to get or see, then you do not have a clear image.

Ask yourself: “What feelings, insights or actions do I want the customers and users of my creations to take or come up with?”

Create a DEFINED, CLEAR, DIRECT answer.

For example, as my goal is to MOTIVATE and LIBERATE people, Including YOU, then my answer to this question is: “My goal is to make you feel more certain and less uncertain and confident and driven to do what you planned to do, after reading this article”.

In this case, I have a CLEAR, DEFINED, DIRECT answer.

You need to know what it is supposed to look like at end of the day.

What needs to change in my life the next day, based on what I did yesterday?

Use today to create a tomorrow where you will look upon yesterday as a day worthy of the mark of success.

2) You need to think simpler (drop Overthinking) and manage the Big Things (no micro-managing)

Do you ever get caught up in thought of whether this image fits better, or this icon should get re-sized or I should write this kind of paragraph?

Then you might be infected with the disease of “Overperfectionism”.

I am an Overperfectionist quite often.

Sometimes I spend a hour on thumbnails and images and design for things, more than focusing on the material and content itself, that I want to make usable at the end.

Ensure that you have the basic MESSAGE, IDEA or GOAL created.

Rather than spilling your brain out, trying to figure out the best way to leave a great impression, make sure that the content is created at first, before creating presentation.

Because if you will show all the fancy messages, images, and presentations in which you combined and mashed together in, all the 50 different psychology tricks, yet the main content a.k.a. the main idea of your product is still not understood easily and clearly, then at the end, you showed an artwork, a subjective, not an objective one.

Therefore write down what DIRECTLY needs to be understood, accepted or bought by the customers and viewers of your presentation!

3) Yee might be feeling uncertain about what you really are doing and how it fits into the big scheme.

It is very frequent, that we have created a goal, a plan and a lifestyle vision for ourselves, to only find that we are doing something, without remembering why.

Keep this very strong and bold “Why!” to yourself and remind yourself every time when you take the smaller action, why you are doing it in the frame of the bigger Image.

Never let the bigger image and vision slip out of your mind.

Create a Mental Module to help you illustrate and understand how your actions and all habits connect together to eventually lead you to this ultimate, supreme goal of yours.

4) Only spent 2 months on it and did 5% of what you planned to do initially?

Admit it, you have had a situation where you only were at the start of the grand master plan of yours, and already tried to draw conclusions.

Do not draw conclusions too early.

Continue doing the thing you planned to practice initially for 1 year and get towards 80% of the ultimate plan, that you initially planned to fulfill.

There is a tendency for humans to drop projects before good things start to manifest.

It can seem like what you are doing will not bring any results, but there are few things that bring results in the first two weeks.

Usually you need to wait more than two weeks to see the real outcomes of your new habits and actions, but it is worth it, if you wait.

There are things that require continuous effort and investment for them to reach the velocity of massive-growth.

Put your head down and continue doing it.

5) Constantly feeling distracted, feel cravings for things and want to surf/procrastinate?

Another, big reason why you might not get things done and can not achieve your goals is because of CRAVINGS.

Constant urge to open up YouTube and binge watch videos, need for eating carbohydrates as a way to satisfy yourself.

Different kinds of cravings, addictions and dependencies that want you to experience short-term pleasure and joy, to only then again question and regret doing them.

Keep that in mind – you will always feel like shit after the initial Dopamine rush stops from the short-pleasure giving actions and habits.

It is hard to learn from and accept, but you must do so, you must go into Monk Mode.

A great way to stop your surfing related unwanted, addictive habits is by using this simple browser trick that will reduce your pain of keeping your tabs on right sites.

Ensure that you know and remember what are your biggest vices and then ask yourself: “Will this time I’ll feel differently than the last time I indulged into it?”

Probably not, because you need to get your stuff done which will then increase your self-confidence, esteem of your capabilities and sense of self.

Because getting stuff done = further confidence in trying to get new things done.

6) Do you even skip breakfast and eat in a Window?

The biggest, if not only the major reason and cause of my brain getting slothier and “mentally number” is a big meal, especially one with carbohydrates.

As I try to stomp words on my keyboard, despite understanding and knowing what I am writing, my brain’s primary intention is not to make me work.

Instead after a big carb meal, I have a strong urge to just sit down, binge watch YouTube videos or take a look at something more interesting.

Do the most Important and Hardest to do tasks in the morning, eat the first meal only after completing the most important tasks of The Day.

Because by not eating breakfast straight away you will not get dulled by the Insulin and Glucose rise and the correlating temporary drop of Testosterone and Dopamine spike.

These things will make you feel lazy and will increase the odds of you proscrastinating during the sharpest time of the whole day.

Yes, during the morning you feel the sharpest, most rational and logical, than in all other times of the day.

Your biological clock dumps out most of the hormones, including ones that are responsible for awakeness and motivation/drive during the morning hours.

By eating a meal, if you are not a Carnivore/Keto practicer, you will increase your Insulin and Leptin levels, thus surpressing this natural hormonal call to adventure.

Go and seek adventure, create and finish your biggest tasks in your daily To-Do List without fear and regret.

7) Sit down and let the concentration flow in naturally.

The Paradox of Concentration and Focus is that you feel like you “can not concentrate”, when in reality once you sit down and start doing the thing, you like it after a while.

You must take the first step and close down all the other tabs, forget and meditate out the thoughts that stop you from taking action and then go and FIGHT.

To get a natural flow is to engage deeply in the action that you are supposed to do, and you can do so by simply starting doing it.

Seems unrealistic for you? Drop off the extra tabs, programs and distractions in your room and digital device and start doing it.

8) Is your Mind Free from anxieties, worries?

When Humans experience disstress, chronic anxieties or worries, they have a tendency to engage in calming habits, including surfing.

Because distress signalizes your brain of a potential danger and threat, which makes you more likely to want to isolate yourself and makes you feel bad to avoid potential injury or death from a predator attack or another human attack in nature.

And then you have a tendency to get stuck inside your own thoughts and your hands are looking for something physical to do, to calm you down.

That is what causes many cases of procrastination and many other repetitive and undesirable behaviors that stop you from getting things done.

Every single time, I repeat every single time when your mind is feeling troubled, you will do something more physical and present.

9) Reading too many ways of “How to Achieve Goals” and not doing enough for “How to Achieve Goals.”

Yes, Information, knowledge and wisdom is good.

But, did you even try before you sought for the reasons why the stuff you do, does not bring the desired results?

Not always, therefore go, try, learn and adapt to it with Trial and Error and over time you will see if you know enough on your own or if you need good guidance.

That is The Key.

10) Do you really want it?

Because I want specific things, I have had the strongest willpower to never go back into the old type of lifestyle I have had, I have enough reasons to fulfill what I do.

And that is the reason of my big drive and dedication to the projects that I am making.

There is no negotiating with yourself when your heart and soul has a burning desire to see something happen after a specific amount of months.

You will wake up, live every living minute and will breath out all the negative things and will breath in the good things for your goals.

If I had not wanted to create my own blog, channel and the philosophy of mine and advertise it, spread it and make the world read it and connect with my heart and soul, then I would not have made such a continuous effort to do what I do.

Because I have this energy and reason for doing that, I have enough force within me, inside me, that drives me toward it.

11) Lack of The Results and Outcome you expected?

Expected to get the world’s wealth, appreciation from all the sides, constant growth and development of your being?

There are many EXPECTATIONS that we can expect to have, but The Truth is that once we drop our expectations, start doing the work and let it turn out as it is supposed to –

We become A Lot happier!

You should obviously dream and KNOW what results and outcomes you would like to have after 1 year, two years and after 5, but do not get too attached to the Idea.

Keep it in mind, do everything possible to get there, if possible, then even faster, but do not attach yourself to a future vision, that could turn out differently.

Focus on the Greatness of Your Own Creations and Accomplishments, rather than outsider appreciation of it.

It can be hard to appreciate what you have created, if you are a person who has one of the focuses to receive recognization, fame or money from the art you are mastering.

But, because it can take years in some cases for you to build and develop the “ultimate piece that solves it all and brings cheering from others” until you actually notice it.

In this case, you have to WORK and CREATE as much and as often as possible and required and improve every small detail, word and figure you can improve.

You must ensure that you are creating the best and the greatest content, with the most specific, viewer-enjoyable content that provides them with what they want to see.

And in the same time you must know the way how to influence the viewer to get him understand and see what you want him to see in the way as you do.

12) Seek specific advice by specific people, that have experience on what you want to know!

This is very important as finding a VERY SPECIFIC, and direct Advice such as “you do not have X and you must do more of Y to get 300% increase in views”.

And what can not be forgotten is that you must get that advice from someone who has seen it, tested it and made it work in the field on their own.

Ask them for it, do not be shy to do so and accept their energy of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Because if you want to know How to Achieve Goals you must find the person that has experienced the same thing and has worked to obtain the same achievement.

Always seek advice from people that have went through the same experience.

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