About BlueprintFreedom.com

After going through many years of uncertainity, feeling of “something being wrong” and lack of awareness and understanding about myself, my real desires and the way why my life was in the way as it is, I stumbled upon several insights and realizations that let me understand how every action, habit, year of your life and experience and memory you have influences the rest of things that happen with you, with your family and in your life.

I created BlueprintFreedom.com when I understood that my mission is to become an Entrepeneur and provide material and guide to multiple people in this world that are in similiar position as I once was.

Through appliance of knowledge that I obtained from The Internet, self-analysis, and review of my past and my triggers I found multiple disciplines and habits that completely changed my life, got rid of my mental and physical tension and completely erased anxiety and lack of understanding and feeling of worthlessness in my life.

I want you, to connect with my words and start seeing the world through my eyes and my lenses to empower yourself and break free of all the chains that hold you away from reaching The Blueprint of Freedom.

The Blueprint of Freedom can be yours, with your engagement and will to study the knowledge that is a direct reflection of my experience, that confirmed itself to be true in all the cases, you will understand why “things do not work as you think they should”.

I am well aware of that feeling of “something being off”, but having zero clue what really prevents you from utilizing your best strengths and gaining a level of confidence that lets you DIRECTLY achieve your dreams and vision of your future lifestyle.

I am Meritorious Luminous – The one with the merit and the one that illuminates and enlightens the society and every individual, at start, to let him understand the influences of this modern world, that shaped him in the way as he is.

If you are craving to become prosperous, healthy, recognized, liked and feel SUPER-CONTENT with your life, you will become a life-long appreciator of Meritorious’s Luminous’s BlueprintFreedom.com

Because I know that it is a basic human right, to at minimum be aware of yourself, your mental, inner world and about your deepest ambitions and desires and a REWARD is to fullfill them and see these dreams and visions manifesting in THE REAL WORLD.